Saturday, August 4, 2012

Won - Her Homecoming Cowboy by Debra Clopton

Title: Her Homecoming Cowboy
Author: Debra Clopton
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: July 24, 2012
Pages: 224 (Paperback)
Date Won: August 4, 2012
Received: Giveaway on Goodreads


After losing his mother, Annie Ridgeway's sweet six-year-old nephew thinks he's an orphan. Turns out the father he never knew is bull rider.

Colt Holden—the boy's hero. Before bringing them together as father and son, Annie has to make sure Colt is as good a man as he is a cowboy. When she arrives in Mule Hollow, she finds the handsome, honorable man guarding his burdened heart against caring for anyone or anything. Will a little boy's devotion be the fighting chance they all need?

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